Home Decor: Creating an Experience!

Have you ever walked into a space, either here in the islands or elsewhere, that upon entering makes you feel as if you’ve finally arrived? The colors, textures, images and shapes all seem to work together to create an experience that appeals to your senses and that subliminally tells you - this is what this place feels like.

Here in Hawaii, we have an opportunity to create this experience in our homes for our families and our guests. By incorporating small touches of island life into your space you can transform your space into a relaxing island getaway.

Let Da Warehouse be one of your first stops in you search for island inspired decor. Our inventory comes from 4 and 5 star hotels throughout the islands. These companies have spent hundreds of thousands on furniture and accents to make their guests feel as though they are living in a tropical paradise.

From small accents of bamboo and pineapples to splashes of blues and greens in textiles and artwork. The colors and textures of our oceans, skies and forests are brought inside in the form of dressers, nightstands, sofas and pillows.

We’re excited for our current and upcoming shipments and can’t wait to share them with you! Check out this sneak preview of what’s in store!

A Brief Education on Liquidation from Da Warehouse


The business of liquidation- particularly hotel liquidation- is tricky!

We get this question almost every day…"How do you sell things for so cheap?!"

Well, what you need to know is that Hotels can't afford to have their facilities wrapped up in renovation for too long so renovations are usually fast paced with 1000s of items flowing out of the property on a daily basis.

At Da Warehouse, these large volumes of items are then offered for sale to the public.
A common question we get is why some items are marked so low while others stay a little higher (i.e. a $10 nightstand instead of a $30 nightstand).

The answer is simple…it’s the economics of supply and demand. With projects liquidating at 40 rooms a week (thats 40 beds, dressers, desks, double the nightstands, lamps, etc.) the items need to flow out the door just as fast as possible so that we continue to have room for the next shipment right on the heels of the one before. This combined with evaluation of the quality, construction and style of the piece help us determine how to price an item.

Any time you visit Da Warehouse you will benefit from these hotel liquidations that result in very low prices for this gently used furniture.

Our next liquidation arrivals are coming in September, 2019. Check out the selection and great pricing…click here!


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JULY 1, 2019

Buying used furniture helps you save money, gives money back to others in your community, and even saves the environment from another unnecessary addition to a landfill. We want to help you make shopping for used furniture easier. Our design crew at Da Warehouse has compiled a few tips for you to get the most out of buying recycled used furniture.

  1. Look for Used Furniture in Alternative Places: Most people flock to Craigslist, garage sales, and consignment shops for discounted used furniture. There are alternative places that you can find, sometimes higher-quality used furniture like liquidation operations or donation centers, like Habitat for Humanity.

  2. Shop with dimensions in hand: While a piece of used furniture may look great and fit a need you have, it may not be the right fit. Be aware of the dimensions of the room you have in your home before you purchase any piece. It’s not enough to imagine the space, but measure it too. There is nothing more disappointing than buying a piece of furniture, getting it home, and finding it won’t fit.

  3. Consider Re-upholstery: If you can look past stains and rips on an interesting piece, you can customize it to your own style with a little work.

  4. Know Your Limits: Consider the price of the item and your skills to update the piece. There is no use investing in used furniture if you can’t afford to keep it or use it. Some fixes are easy to do. Scratches on wood furniture can often be easily filled in with scratch pens and wood can be stained sometimes with household ingredients on hand. If parts of the furniture are completely missing, the piece won’t be cheap enough for a complete overhaul. It may not be worth the time or money.

  5. Hardwood vs. Laminate: Choose wisely! It’s easy to tell the difference between good-quality hardwood furniture over a cheaply made laminate piece. Laminate furniture pieces are more difficult to repair. Quality made hardwood furniture is a much better investment.

Da Warehouse has some of the best inventory of the year headed our way in September! Special offers and pricing for July pre-sale purchases as well as BULK purchases happening NOW. Pre-sale runs through September 1st. Inventory will arrive September-October 2019. Call 808-633-6514 or email dawarehousehawaii@gmail.com to place your order! July Spectacular Sneak Preview!

7 Summer Tips For Your Outdoor Space...

Summer is officially here! Time for back yard BBQs and nights under the stars. Designing and decorating your back yard/outdoor space can be challenging, but this space is where your summer memories will be made! So lets make the most of it! We’ve put together 7 tips on how to vamp up your outdoor area so you can cool down and relax this summer.

Post your photos of how your making the most of your outdoor space and tag “dawarehousehawaii” on Instagram! From June 1st -July 1st, we’ll give you a $20 store credit just for participating!

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It's Time For A New Look!

Spring cleaning anyone?! Time to go through your clothes, dust under the bed….and switch up your furniture! Changing out the furniture in every room of your house can get pricey, but you can change one piece in the room that can make all the difference in the world to those living in it.

Choose the room: Your entryway, the guest room or the dining room. Next, decide what would make the greatest difference in that room. A new entry table, a new dresser for your guests or new chairs to surround your dinner table. Sometimes it just takes an idea and action to make significant change.

Count on us to always have that one piece of furniture to make a difference in your home. The right piece, the right price. Come see us today!

Dining table with glass!

Dining table with glass!

Moving...Theres Always More Thank You Think

I move and sell furniture for a living. So when I recently moved to a new house I knew we were in for a lot of work. We don't have much stuff, but when you move all of your worldly belongings form one place to another, there is ALWAYS more than you think. 

So I asked my crew to assist with our move. I have a business to run, my man works 40 + hrs and we needed to be out of our old house within one day. Two of my best crew came with one of our 14ft box trucks and what would have taken my partner and I two weeks, the guys accomplished in 4 hours.  They saved us time and months of chiropractic visits by doing the heavy lifting and making sure our furniture and boxes were moved safely and efficiently. 

I can't put a price on how much stress and time it saved me to have them take care of everything. 

Call to make your next move smooth and easy. 808-250-3024

Packed and ready

Packed and ready

The new house. 

The new house. 

Creating Oder From Chaos

I enjoy approaching a situation or space that seems unmanageable and slowly and methodically organizing it to create a logical space or idea.

I am grateful for this trait as it aids my ability to do my job. When we approach a liquidation we are faced with thousands of furniture pieces that start flowing into our warehouse in no particular order. Taking that apparent chaos and picking out various combinations of pieces to create unique, well designed spaces brings me a satisfaction that is difficult to describe.


Sunshine & Pineapples